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Decorative wooden wall design for self-installation

Wood is one of the sustainable raw materials, whereby the ease of processing and the associated low energy requirement also play an important role. In addition, wood in its various manifestations provides a comfortable living space design, which contributes to a natural look and gives your home that extra something. We at wodewa know about the unique character that wood can give to a room's atmosphere. For this reason, we also select wood from various tree species for our wall panels, which we further refine in additional processing steps. So you can choose the wood species that suits you best and, depending on the product, give your home an additional style that is individually tailored to your personal taste. From light woods such as maple or oak to exotic woods such as Swiss stone pine from Carinthia in Austria, we offer a wide range of more than 16 wood species, each of which has different advantages and accordingly provides for an individual look in your home. No matter whether you prefer the light wood of a Canadian maple for your decorative wall design or prefer the strikingly dark tone of an African wenge, the advantages go far beyond the purely optical.

Our wooden wall panels make your wall an eye-catcher

Your new wall panels get their later individual character not only by the wood you choose, but also by the many possibilities of arrangement, which are limited only by your imagination. Due to the unique grain as well as wood and colour strengths, each wall panel is different at the end, creating unique results! Our wooden panels consist of several small straps in different widths, which you can easily assemble and install according to your own wishes without much previous knowledge. So you can create your own pattern and have completely free hand with your wall design. Of course you will find detailed instructions as well as helpful tips and tricks for assembly on our homepage, so that you can create your own wall creation quickly and easily, without having to resort to prefabricated laying patterns. No matter if you prefer a luxurious look or if you prefer the classic vintage style, our wall coverings and wooden wall panels offer something for every taste!

Natural and modern accents set with the wodewa wall design

Wood is both a traditional and a modern raw material. If the first evidence of human processing and use of wood dates back far into human history, today there is a trend towards the increased use of wood, for example as a building material in house construction, and the sustainable material is also becoming increasingly popular for interior design due to its durability, longevity and stability. No wonder, since wood contributes significantly to a cosy atmosphere, radiates naturalness and is also a real eye-catcher with its unusual design! The wodewa wall panels are no exception. In addition to the individual colour scheme, you can also add the finishing touches to your self-adhesive wooden aprons with our engraving range for the bedroom, living room or kitchen, or you can simply choose your personal desired engraving yourself. Wood opens up completely new possibilities for a modern and at the same time individual wall design due to the versatility of our wall panels. When designing your walls, you can rely on wood and benefit from numerous advantages.

Your new wooden panels bring you many more advantages than just a chic design.

The material is an excellent temperature regulator. A wooden wall keeps the heat outside in summer and the heat inside in winter. In addition, wood filters pollutants from the air, which makes the wall panels especially recommended for allergy sufferers. In addition to a pleasant smell that will immediately remind you of your last walk in the woods, the material is very easy to care for and clean. In addition, the use of wooden panels cushions the noise outside, so even your neighbours will benefit from your new achievement. From country house style to modern 3D optics, wodewa wall coverings can be used to create almost any desired style. In addition to a large selection of wall panels made of different types of wood, we also have a variety of other wooden furnishing accessories for a natural furnishing style in our assortment. We also offer high-quality birch wood or solid wood lamps, decorative wooden coasters or decorative wood pictures, which automatically make your wall an eye-catcher. We even have wooden jewellery such as artistic earrings in stock in our portfolio. So what are you waiting for? Choose your desired panels or your new favourite piece of wood and soon bring a natural feel-good atmosphere into your own four walls!